Peaceful Buddha




• Board Certified Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

• Licensed Herbalist with successful treatment of Covid 

• Certified Family Trauma Specialist

• Advanced Training in Treatment of Complex PTSD

• Pain Management and Injury Rehabilitation 

• Consciousness Expansion and Stress Management Strategies

• Immune-Modulating Plant Medicines and Supplementation

• Out of Network Insurance Claims Processed on Your Behalf

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"I'm thankful to have a natural medicine doctor so close to home for myself and my children.  I brought my 10-year-old anxietal son to Dr. Thompson because he wasn't sleeping and was having panic attacks. I was surprised by how quickly he opened up to her; he's extremely shy and protective.  Her training as a family trauma specialist seems to give her the ability to create a safe emotional environment for nervous little ones and get right to the heart of the matter.  After one treatment - with no needles - she helped my son frame his anxiety in a constructive way that increased his confidence.  We're really happy she's here in our community."   
Lisa, Rye


“A friend introduced me to Dr. Mel and I have so much gratitude for that day.  I truly believe that those who are fortunate enough to work with Dr. Mel and receive her love and light are truly blessed.  Her genuine desire to help on all levels of ones life is truly a gift. She not only tackles the physical - she dives right into the emotional components of our lives, helping us understand and uncover who we really are.  Her vast knowledge on living and healing is like no other. Combine her compassion with her brilliant mind and there you have it - DR. MEL. She's the bomb and a true gift to our world.”


- Jennifer, Rye

"I had a shoulder injury that would not heal. Dr. Mel looked at my MRI and explained that my bone spur and muscle tear  were more significant than my surgeon suggested. She recommended supplements and exercises to reduce my inflammation and pain. She also explained that the meridians and muscles affected indicated unresolved grief around the loss of my mother. As I work on my physical and emotional story, my shoulder continues to heal."

Carrie, NYC


- L.M., NYC