THE ANSWER TO the QUESTIONS you've been asking

• Why do I keep making the same mistakes?

• What's wrong with me?

• What did I do to deserve this?

• Is there anything that can make the pain go away?

What is The Solution?


Medicine for Your Soul - Proven method of complete recovery from childhood trauma and addiction. Re-write your karma. Change your destiny.  Change your past.  Heal your bloodline.

Medicine for Your Mind - Original eastern philosophical instructions for the liberation of your mind.  Allow your mind to serve you - rather than it serving as your master.

Contemporary psychotherapy techniques - without all the talk of traditional therapy.

Medicine for Your Body - Somatic Therapy – Empowers you to pull the pain of trauma out of your body.  Eliminate pain.  Reverse auto-immune disorders.  Resolve digestive, gynecological, and dermatological disorders.

What Does it Do?

|Ends the cycle of pain and suffering of childhood trauma and addiction

|Gets right to the root problem and gives you the answers, information, and techniques to solve it

|Restores you to your rightful place as the supreme creator of your life experience

Peaceful Buddha


"The work she does is better than therapy.  I've done therapy.  Lots of it.  This goes way beyond that.  And as a doctor, I wish they taught this kind of patient care in med school.  But you can't even teach what she does.  Blew my mind. Literally."

CV, Santa Monica

"Working with her opens my wings, so I can fly.  Before we started working together, I couldn't sleep.  I was terrified all the time.  I was in pain.  I couldn't function.  Everything was too much.  I was a cutter.  I had an eating disorder.  I'm not perfect or anything, but I don't do those things anymore.  I can't explain      it.  It's like a miracle."
ZC, Boulder


“I've never had a doctor actually care about me before. 

She made me want to care about myself.”


- Jennifer, Mexico

"It's like they say: you don't get it until you get it.  You just have to do the work. I was ready to give up.  She made me want to stay in the fight.  I can't believe how good it feels to be free.  You really don't get it til you get it." 

RD, Hawaii