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Dr. Marcia-Elizabeth Thompson

Childhood Trauma Recovery | Eastern Wisdom Psychology | Somatic Therapy | EMDR | Distance Acupuncture




What's wrong with me?

• Why do I keep making the same mistakes?

• Why can't I stop?

• Am I crazy?  

What is The Solution?


It's my signature program for complete recovery from childhood trauma.

It's The Original Soul Medicine - A proven 6-week program of complete recovery from childhood trauma and addiction based in the original eastern teachings, contemporary psychotherapy techniques, compassionate inquiry, and somatic therapy - including EMDR, the only method clinically proven to heal the pain of traumatic memory.

It's The Original Mind Medicine - Ancient eastern philosophy holds the answers and the instructions for solving your problems.  The answers are simple and gentle and opens a portal to real healing.

The Solution employs contemporary psychotherapy techniques - without all the talk of traditional therapy and with real-time clarity and solutions.

It's The Next Level of Body Medicine - Somatic Therapy – Empowers you to pull the pain of trauma out of your body.  Eliminate chronic pain.  Reverse auto-immune disorders.  Resolve digestive, gynecological, and dermatological disorders in ways that will puzzle most healthcare providers.  This is real medicine for the real you.

What Does it Do?

|Heals chronic pain, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disorders, addictions, and disorders of the spirit-mind

|Heals generational trauma (karma), including sexual and racial trauma

|Puts you back in control of your life and instills deep peace

Want to find out more...?  Book a complimentary 30-minute call. We'll just talk.

Peaceful Buddha


"The work she does is better than therapy.  I've done therapy.  Lots of it.  This goes way beyond that.  And as a doctor, I wish they taught this kind of patient care in med school.  But you can't even teach what she does.  Blew my mind. Literally."

CV, Santa Monica

"Working with her opens my wings, so I can fly.  Before we started working together, I couldn't sleep.  I was terrified all the time.  I was in pain.  I couldn't function.  Everything was too much.  I was a cutter.  I had an eating disorder.  I'm not perfect or anything, but I don't do those things anymore.  I can't explain it.  It's like a miracle."
ZC, Boulder

"Your peace is contagious.  I watch your videos and something unlocks in me and I cry and cry.  Then I feel free.  Thank you."

RJ, Los Angeles

“I've never had a doctor actually care about me before. 

She made me want to care about myself.”

JP, Mexico

"It's like they say: you don't get it until you get it.  You just have to do the work. I was ready to give up.  She made me want to stay in the fight.  I can't believe how good it feels to be free.  You really don't get it til you get it." 

RD, Hawaii

"Finally! Something I can use!!  I feel we are always being given words but no solutions. I need actions.  Not ideas describing issues.  She is right.  This is real medicine."

AP, Shreveport


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