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Challenge Yourself For Your Health




That's how many of us can expect to develop cancer in our lifetime.

These are the numbers in America today.

And you can do something about it.

Let's begin.

The Wisdom of the Ancients

Every close to Earth culture indicates fasting in its health cultivation and disease prevention protocols.

The organ on which we focus most for cleansing is the liver, which processes fat soluble chemicals from the organs and blood.

Not only does the liver help rid us of chemicals in our food, cosmetics, and medications, it also processes the hormones associated with emotional overload.

Hormones - the chemicals the make us feel our emotions - are fat soluble chemicals and as such go to the liver for processing.

The liver sends its contents to the colon for evacuation. Therefore, every good cleanse incorporates liver and colon clearing.

Have You Seen Me?

This spiky fuchsia "weed" that you may have seen in your garden is milk thistle. And it's the number one herb for liver detoxification. It grows abundantly in the wild in North America and easily brews into a great cup of tea. The best liver detox tinctures include dandelion and artichoke to fully rid you of toxins.

Note: If you want to use milk thistle from your yard, be sure to test your soil first.

Best Essential Oil for Liver Detoxification: German Chamomile

Eastern Medicine associates the liver with the wood element. The liver provides the residence of the Hun, or Ethereal Soul - our mental-spiritual capacity to envision, dream, plan, as well as our psychological source of ambition and motivation. When, for whatever reason, it becomes "blocked" and obstructed, the root emotion of Anger can manifest. In a similar way to Fear, Anger may express itself not only as annoyance and wrath, but as frustration, irritability, moodiness, and even depression. Depression may occur when Anger cannot find a positive outlet, consequently, turning inwards to oppress the Ethereal Soul.

Life Hack Tip for Stress:

To keep emotions flowing smoothly and to resolve anger in your physiological and energetic systems, use German Chamomile essential oil for its ability to soothe the Hun and help you get "unstuck".

Instead of a glass of wine during your next big meeting or stressful event, have a cup of chamomile tea with locally sources honey.

The Facts and The Science Behind Detoxification

Sweating is an essential component of detoxification. We eliminate water- and fat-soluble toxins during a good sweat. The invisible light of an infrared sauna penetrates to a deeper level to release toxins and purify your body.

You walk out feeling reset, restored, and like yourself again. Watch this short video to learn more:

The Master Cleanse

It's hard, but it's for real.

The Master Cleanse is not for the faint of heart, however it teaches you everything you need to know about yourself. It has been shown in many cases to reverse chronic disease and treat emotional disorders associated with toxicity.

This cleanse is best done when you have time to rest, like on a retreat or getaway; it completely cleanses your system.

Generally better for working folks, is a greater detoxification plan. "Clean", authored by Alejandro Junger, M.D it lays out an elegant 21-day plan for total detoxification.

Cleansing is to be undertaken as both a physiological and spiritual practice. As you clear your body of unwanted material substance, you allow your cells the time and space to clear the hormones related to emotional stress, negative thought, anger, and self-doubt.

You may find yourself feeling angry or deeply sad during your cleanse. This is perfectly normal. Allow your emotions to surface. Your body knows what it's doing. In this process, you open up tp a deeper intimacy within self, greater capacity for intuition, and a more satisfying experience of life.


Mel Baker-Thompson is a New York State licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with over 3,000 hours of clinical and didactic training in Eastern and Western medical modalities. She has developed the Whole Life Integration Method to take natural functional medicine to the next level - incorporating the role of the mind in the optimization of authentic health. Over the last 20 years she has treated physicians, therapists, Rockettes, even an Olympic-qualifying athlete. From infants to grandparents, she has crafted an approach to health cultivation that combines the wisdom, skill, and acumen of Chinese Medicine with nutrition therapy, manual therapy, essential oils, and insight meditation to remove health disruptors in the body and mind.


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