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  • Dr. Mel Baker-Thompson

Are You Taking Care of Yourself During the Holidays?

Peace on Earth.

Peace of Mind.

Inner Peace.

At this time of year, hurtling into the thick of the holiday season, we find ourselves bustling about, chewing over ideas of what to get whom and how to get it there on time.

As much as we love the holiday season, it absolutely takes its toll, and many of us are quite often anything but peaceful.

As you make your lists and check them twice, I do hope you will take time to love and cherish yourself. Sun Si Miao - ancient Chinese scholar - averred the main reason we get sick is because we don't love and cherish ourselves enough.

Funny to think that we can preserve our immunity by cherishing ourselves and working on inner peace. Stillpointe Acupuncture is here to serve as your peaceful haven during the holiday season. We have so much to share with you at this time of year to help you love and cherish yourself, to preserve your inner peace, and to soar through the holiday season with grace.

Peace is possible. It is your birthright. And it is your greatest gift... from you, to you.

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Dr. Baker


Mel Baker-Thompson is a New York State licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with over 3,000 hours of clinical and didactic training in Eastern and Western medical modalities. She has developed the Whole Life Integration Method to take natural functional medicine to the next level - incorporating the role of the mind in the optimization of authentic health. Over the last 20 years she has treated physicians, therapists, Rockettes, even an Olympic-qualifying athlete. From infants to grandparents, she has crafted an approach to health cultivation that combines the wisdom, skill, and acumen of Chinese Medicine with nutrition therapy, manual therapy, essential oils, and insight meditation to remove health disruptors in the body and mind.


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