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Surrender is Not Submission: Experiencing Reincarnation While You’re Still Alive

“Ms. Thompson, I know you’re only 27, but it looks like you’ve had a stroke.”

I was 27, but I decidedly had not had a stroke.

That I was dragging my right leg, and the right side of my face was hanging off the bone certainly made it look like a stroke…

And I’m a doctor now myself, so I understand how the first doctor who saw me after a usually night of performance in the stage show “STOMP” thought I’d had a stroke.

So what happened?



System Failure

“Baffling Overuse Injury” they called it. What is was was latent trauma shortcircuiting my nervous system and causing me to break myself from the inside.

I broke myself.

Career Over. Life Over.


Yet not.

So now what?

Eastern philosophy teaches us that death is merely another moment in the experience of the eternal soul.

That the separation of physical from non-physical is not a great ending to be feared, delayed, and avoided at all costs but that in fact it is a re-absorption into non-physical, a returning to The One, a re-homing into Source, a re-merging with universal consciousness.

​​Death is not the merciless foe that he is made out to be. He is the friend and companion, the teacher, the kindly kinsman, who takes you into his fold and clothes you with the halo of remembrance.—Atharva Veda

There’s always a wink in eastern philosophies, the universal paradox in prose. Pay close enough attention, and you’ll see the secret between the lines.

I work with women recovering from childhood trauma and addiction in revealing that secret. We go back into your childhood stories to recover the memory of who you truly are. We work with somatic therapy, EMDR, The Feldenkrais Method, ancient eastern psychology, and contemporary psychotherapy techniques to heal the traumatic memory of the past, relieve the chronic pain of trauma living in your body today, and give you the skills to manifest the life you know you’re supposed to be living.

We create space for the awakening of conscious clarity. We make space for miracles.

It’s a partnership in the original eastern tradition, where I hold space for and bear witness to your awakening, where I listen until you hear your own truth. We reveal the clarity of who you are and how to recapture your soul’s vision for incarnating. In other words, we teach you how to live.

This is healing work for people who have found traditional therapy lacking in the living spirit.

And we don’t do this work alone. Childhood trauma convinced you there was no help coming, that you had to figure everything out on your own, that you could trust no one and nothing. That is a lie, the grand delusion, the devil’s ace in the hole to keep you small and afraid.

In fact, the Baghavad Gita teaches:

“Since the very beginning, people…on their own, cannot discover the truth, even about their own selves.

They require another, a person who knows reality and can bestow knowledge to them.”

Baghavad Gita (SB 11.22.10)

In other words, you never have to do anything alone ever again.

You must have someone to walk with you. Trying to recover from trauma and/or addiction on your own is like trying to escape a hall of mirrors by wearing sunglasses. The only thing you ever see is a dim, warped reflection of yourself.

Even in the horrible beauty of recovery from childhood trauma and addiction, we die and re-emerge. Renewed. Refreshed. Revised. Incarnation after incarnation. In one single lifetime.




If you have arrived at a point in your life where you’re ready to get off the roller coaster of recovery-relapse, confusion, dead-end solutions, empty promises, and money spent with no results, I welcome your inquiry.

I am here to be of service to your incarnation. Let us walk together a while and see what is revealed.

Message me for a complimentary 30-minute discovery call to see how you can end your suffering and reincarnate into the life you know you’re supposed to be living.

30 minutes could save your life.

Marcia-Elizabeth Thompson, DACM, Dipl. NCCAOM, CTP, EMDR is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine Spiritual Psychology. She melds the original teachings of ancient eastern philosophy with somatic therapy and contemporary psychotherapy techniques to help you realize the purpose of your incarnation: remembering who you are; healing from your traumatic past; and restoring you to a rich life of clarity, freedom, and fulfillment.

She teaches a weekly somatic therapy class on TikTok (

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