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  • Dr. Mel Baker-Thompson

What is Perfection?

Everyone is writing about gratitude right now. Got it. Of course you're grateful. 'Tis the season. 

...and in the back of your mind, the holiday list-making wheels are already starting to burn rubber. 

Gotta get the perfect gift. The house has to look perfect. Gifts for the teachers, airline tickets, and cards out on time. The kids have to have the perfect Christmas. Channukah has to be perfect (Actually, our Jewish sisters and brothers don't seem to get so caught up in the perfect holiday juggernaut... note to self). 


As you gather in gratitude and thanks- when you pause and look around the table at your friends and family assembled, in those spaces in between the passing of the plates and the sharing of the stories, perhaps you will remember to breathe into the perfection of your very being. Maybe there will be a quiet moment when you feel the whole of who you are, the greatness of your life's meaning and the wisdom of the universe at play all around and within you. 

This is perfection. This is living. And for you, just as you are in this moment, I am so deeply grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving. 


Mel Baker-Thompson is a New York State licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with over 3,000 hours of clinical and didactic training in Eastern and Western medical modalities. She has developed the Whole Life Integration Method to take natural functional medicine to the next level - incorporating the role of the mind in the optimization of authentic health. Over the last 20 years she has treated physicians, therapists, Rockettes, even an Olympic-qualifying athlete. From infants to grandparents, she has crafted an approach to health cultivation that combines the wisdom, skill, and acumen of Chinese Medicine with nutrition therapy, manual therapy, essential oils, and insight meditation to remove health disruptors in the body and mind. 

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