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"I started seeing Dr. Mel for fertility. I had a history of traumatic pelvic pain and was nervous about being pregnant and having a baby naturally. Dr. Mel treated me with Acupuncture, Essential Oils, Chinese Medical Massage, and Pilates to help me get pregnant and through my pregnancy. And she worked with my OB to make sure they were partnering in supporting me and my baby. I now have a beautiful baby girl, and I owe so much of how she got here to Dr. Mel.” 

 --- Calissa W., Chappaqua


“I’d told other doctors before that my IBS was related to childhood trauma, and they heard me… but Dr. Mel was the first doctor who really listened. Working with her is like the best therapy, Bodywork, and medicine at the same time. Now I eat whatever I want and I’m totally fine because we got to the root cause of my problems.”

–- Stephanie S., Purchase


“I have pretty bad anxiety. Who doesn’t in this city? But I didn’t want to live that way anymore. Dr. Mel put together a program of Acupuncture, Supplements, Dietary Modification, Essential Oils, Infrared Sauna, Massage, Meditation, and CBD… I knew things should be different, and I didn’t want to take drugs. I feel good now. And it feels easy to just be.”

–- Paul G., NYC


“My son is 13 and has ADD/ADHD. I was hoping to lessen his symptoms a little and make things easier for my other children. After working with Dr. Mel, we changed my son’s diet and his sleeping environment. She treated Jack with laser therapy- never using a single needle. Jack’s grades have gone up. He can focus better. His sleep and health have improved. And my whole family enjoys one another so much more now.”

–- Madeleine W., Greenwich

“A friend suggested I see Dr. Mel for my insomnia and anxiety. I hadn’t slept well for years since my son started having trouble in school. She not only helped me learn to put my life and my ability to help my son in perspective, she prescribed CBD."

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